Vocabulary Final W15 Secure Vocabulary


Vocabulary Final W15 Secure Vocabulary set out critics respond complex left over distinguish embarrassed lack turn on complain wasteful charge associate embarrassing provide Fill in the sentences with the words from the box. You won’t use 1 of the words. 1.

We __________________ weeks ago, and we are finally approaching the end of our travels. 2.

I _________________ painting with my father. I connect making artwork with him. 3.

That cake was huge! Almost half of it was __________________, so I put it in the refrigerator. 4.

These math problems are not very easy; they are __________________. 5.

There is no reason to __________________ about not having hot water just for one day. Millions of people don’t have running water in their homes at all! 6.

When Mandy tripped and fell in front of a boy she liked, she was really extremely __________________! 7.

I forgot to __________________ to that email by my boss, and now she is upset with me. 8.

She disagreed with the movie __________________. She thought it was a great movie. 9.

Hank thought the big spot of chocolate ice cream on his bright white shirt was __________________, so he tried to hide it with his jacket. 10.

I think that they __________________ too much for the concert tickets, so I am not going to go. 11.

He can not __________________the color red from the color green. Therefore, he always asks his friend what color something is. 12.

When I get to the end of the month, I usually __________________ enough money to go out with friends because I’ve spent it on food and bills. 13.

Ms. Brown thinks it is very __________________ to use so much paper in her class, so she tries to put everything on the computer. She hopes it will help the environment.

Vocabulary Final W15 14.

The hotel will ___________________ towels, so you don't have to take one with you. Makes Sense? (S) or Does Not Make Sense (N)? 15.

__________ I like music with a slow beat because it helps me to relax. 16.

__________ He dresses exactly the same as his friends. He wants to stand out. 17.

__________ She feels relief when her mom yells at her. 18.

__________ Some companies offer free delivery to avoid customers. 19.

__________ Extreme sports include riding your bike in the park. 20.

__________ I don’t think Madison is trustworthy. I always believe what she says. 21.

__________ Having blue eyes or brown eyes is genetic. 22.

__________ I want to be wealthy when I am older, so I acquired an investment plan. 23.

__________ You can always call and reserve a seat in the prison. Multiple choice: Circle the best answer. 24. Which word is the best synonym for remarkable? a. shy b. amazing c. satisfied d. doubled 25. An example of something that is exotic is a.

An Indian woman’s beautiful wrap-around dress called a sari b.

An English reading test c.

A bicycle lock d.

A Mexican dish called fajitas e.

Both A and D 26.

A person who does everything differently from everyone else might be considered a.

left over b.

cautious c.

a rebel Secure

Vocabulary Final W15 Secure d.

a tourist 27. The new cafe is in a beautiful area, but it is not _________. There are many cafes which serve the same kinds of dishes. a. cautious b. extreme c. unique d. local 28.

______ The delivery for the customer costs double of they want it very quickly. a.

person who is buying something b.

person who is selling something c.

person who is exchanging one thing for another 29. Some people think that athletes should not get such high salaries, but I think they have to work very hard for their jobs. a.

award b.

money c.

hero d.

star 30.

Steven tends to play music very loudly. I’m his neighbor and I often ask him to turn it down! a. in charge of b. attached to c. complain about d. is very likely to 31.

The students really appreciated it when the teacher gave more time on the lesson. Therefore, they were

Vocabulary Final W15 Secure a.

very tired b.

very embarrassed c.

very pleased d.

none of the above 32.

The local _________________ is growing rapidly. Soon, there will be more jobs and more businesses and homes built. a.

competition b.

economy c.

tourist d.

campus 33.

Sometimes, it is not always easy to ___________________ problems. I find it is helpful to talk to friends and family members to think about what I should do. a.

obey b.

turn out c.

break even d.

deal with 34.

Sheila always followed what her ____________________ did. She wanted to fit in. a.

audience b.



contract focus peers 35.

The low-budget film was a sleeper hit. That means it a.

made more profit than it cost b.

cost more than what its profit was c.

broke even in terms of money d.

lost money 36.

Maria wrote the screenplay in two weeks. He thought it would be a low budget film, but a major film company wanted to make it.

Vocabulary Final W15 Secure a. factor b. theory c. script d. influence 37.

The general __________________ of the Disney World hotel is an imaginary world with cartoon characters. a.

festival b.

contract c.

theme d.

taste 38.

If I frequently miss the bus, this means I a.

never miss the bus b.

always miss the bus c.

sometimes miss the bus d.

often miss the bus 39.

If I have extra socks, I a.

don’t have as many as I need b.

have more than I need c.

don’t have any at all d.

none of the above 40.

A person can break out of a.

prison b.

a locked room c.

a swimming pool d.

both a & b e.

both b & c 41.

An example of a tourist is

Vocabulary Final W15 a.

a person who moves to another country to live b.

a person who moves to another country to study English c.

a person who goes to another country for business d.

a person who visits another country to see what it is like there 42.

John is seeking a wife. What is he doing? a.

looking for a woman to marry b.

asking a woman to marry him c.

reading about a woman he might want to marry d.

visiting a woman he wants to marry 43.

Some things a person might raise include a.

cars, trucks, and bicycles b.

books, pens, and paper c.

children, dogs, and chickens d.

uncles, aunts, and grandparents 44.

A way to make a living might include a.

studying English in the United States b.

visiting Asia for several months c.

volunteering to help children in Africa who have no parents d.

teaching in a university 45.

The sign said to be cautious when crossing the street. This means I must a.

be very careful because there might be danger b.

cross the street very fast c.

cross the street very slowly d.

stop the cars so I can cross 46.

Some psychologists believe that our peers ___________________________ us more than anyone else. a.

help b.

imitate us Secure

Vocabulary Final W15 Secure c.

influence d.

mention 47.

To ___________________________________ is when someone has to change from their normal way of doing things in order to live in a new culture. a.

obey b.

adapt c.

occur d.

immigrate 48.

In the play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo died because he drank _______________________________. a.

alcohol b.

a drug c.

bad milk d.

poison 49.

The accident was entirely my fault. This means it was a.

completely and totally my fault b.

almost my fault c.

not my fault at all d.

a lot my fault 50.

I have been an actor for 30 years. Acting is my a.

hobby b.

career c.

evidence d.

entertain Put the letter of the correct word in the blank. Not all the words will be used. a.

focus b. entertain c. reserve d. population e. taste f. grades g. failure h. pack i. beat j. tragedy k. post l. increase m. comedy n. note o. variety

Vocabulary Final W15 Secure 51.

____ To ask for a seat, table, or room to be available for you at a future time. 52.

____ To interest and amuse someone in order to please them. 53.

____ To put information or pictures on a website or on some other public place that displays information. 54.

____ To give special attention or effort to a particular subject or situation. 55.

____ To become greater or larger in amount or value. 56.

____ The total number of people who live in a specific area, city, or country. 57.

____ A regular series of sounds in music. 58.

____ A bad final result. Did not meet the goal. 59.

____ A small container of food such as ketchup or salt. 60.

____ A funny movie