A Great Place in Seattle Speaking Test LS3

Speaking Test LS3
Name ____________________________________
A Great Place in Seattle
For your first presentation you will speak to the class for 3-4 minutes about a great place to visit in
Seattle. You will need to explain to the class why it is such a cool place.
Have fun and enjoy this project!
Of course, the idea is to practice formally speaking to the class, but also to learn more about your
place and share what you learn with the class. You will research, ask questions, and interview people.
Everything in the presentation must be in your own sentence structure and words – no copying/
memorizing from the Internet!
1. Complete the Outline and turn it in to your teacher—it is DUE: Monday, Feb 22nd.
2. For this presentation, you must use an “attention getter”. This can be an object, a picture, or
a Powerpoint/Prezi slideshow. (No more than 3 words per slide!)
3. You will use different tenses. When you use the simple past or present, be sure to pronounce
the final sounds (-ed & -s) correctly. Also, tell us at least 3 things we can do here and 2 things
we can’t do there. Practice your grammar and pronunciation.
4. Practice by yourself, with a classmate, with a clock, with friends, and at Page One. Practice
makes perfect. The more you practice the less nervous you will be!
5. Practice in class on Tuesday, Feb 23rd. Your classmates will time you and give feedback.
6. You will present to the class on Tuesday, Feb. 24th for 3-4 minutes each (no more & no less)
and tell us about one of your favorite places in Seattle.
1. Think of a place you have visited in Seattle, or would like to visit. Be sure to pick a place that
is interesting. You can use a place recommended to you during one of your TAR assignments.
2. You must visit the place. Talk to the “information desk” clerk if there is one, and ask
questions about the history of the place, why this place is important, and what this place has
to offer the community (if there is no ‘Info Desk’, research the place in the library).
3. Ask for pamphlets, flyers, or posters that can help you with your presentation. These can be
your attention getter.
4. Be sure to get approval from me for the place you choose for your presentation. (Thursday
Feb 18th)
Chosen Topic: _________________________
Teacher Approval:______________________
Remember to think about:
a strong Introduction & Conclusion
the time limit
GOOD Grammar! (Are you using the correct tense? Are you remembering the 3rd person
singular and plural ‘-s’? Are you using the correct form of the word?)
your audience—What will your classmates find interesting?
pronunciation and clarity, especially for final sounds & can/can’t
volume, speed, and energy
body language— eye contact – no reading!- and posture (no hands in pockets)
Name __________________________
Due Monday, Feb 22nd
for Speaking Test #2
Introduction: _______________________________________________________________________
Supporting Ideas/Details (do not use complete sentences)
1. ___________________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________________________
Conclusion _______________________________________________________________________________
Other Notes: