Final Essay: G/W 5, Summer 2015 Secure Test

Final Essay: G/W 5, Summer 2015
Secure Test
Choose only one of the following topics to write about. Write a 6-paragraph argumentative essay to support
your opinion. Check the criteria very carefully before handing in your essay.
1. Should IEP students be able to choose which teachers they want at NSC? Why or why not?
2. Should high school students in your country be able to choose which subjects they study? Why or why
Scoring Criteria
Hook is interesting and correct. Connecting
information is complete. Thesis statement is clear
and complete. There are at least 3 sentences.
Body paragraphs each have a topic sentence
(with a main and controlling idea) that is
complete, clear, and relates back to the thesis
Each body paragraph has 5 or more supporting
sentences that are on topic and develop and
explain the topic sentence fully. This means
details, examples, and explanations
Counterargument and refutation are convincing
and supported well. Modals are used
Transitions are correct and high-level.
Cause/Effect language is used well.
Vocabulary (nouns, verbs, adjectives) is
articulate, high level, correct, and no words or
phrases are repeated; parts of speech are correct
Grammar is high level and is used correctly; a
variety of level 5 grammar is used: past modals,
perfect tenses, singular/plural nouns, noun
clauses, passive voice, adjective clauses, adverb
clauses, subjunctive, gerunds, infinitives,
causative verbs, parallel structure; subjects and
verbs match
A variety of clear and concise simple, compound,
complex, compound-complex sentences are used.
No fragments, comma splices or run-ons
Punctuation and Capitalization are correct.
Spelling is mostly/all correct
Concluding paragraph has a correct transition and
reflects the thesis statement without repeating it
or bringing up new information. There are at
least 3 sentences.
Total points