Questions for “Green River Killer” murdering his victims?

Questions for “Green River Killer”
1. What was Ridgway’s preferred method of
murdering his victims?
2. What did he do with the bodies of his victims?
3. How many people was he convicted of killing? How
many did he probably kill?
4. Why wasn’t he arrested sooner than he was?
5. In your opinion, is there a political aspect to his
crimes? (Why wasn’t he arrested sooner?)
6. What was Ridgway’s childhood like? How may it
have contributed to who he became?
7. Are prostitutes responsible for being crime victims?
Why or why not?
8. Why wasn’t Ridgway executed for his crimes? Do
you agree with this reasoning?
9. Do you think it’s possible for something like this to
happen in your country? Why or why not?
10. Why don’t you commit crimes? In other words,
what stops you from being a criminal?