Evaluations by IEP Students in Level 6-College Reading


Evaluations by IEP Students in Level 6-College Reading

Class, RV6-College Reading Richard Alishio


Time 2:30-3:35 Quarter Spring 2015

Please put an X in boxes to show your opinion. Do not write your name on this paper.

How much have these things helped you improve your English skills?

About the Class

Very good Good OK

Not good

Not good at all

* The textbook(s): Inside Reading 4

* The materials which the teacher prepared for the

class (handouts, class packets, etc)Materials viewed on screen, vocabulary handouts, question and answer sheets for vocabulary practice, etc.

* The activities:

Reading in the textbooks, discussing readings in class

Reading National Geographic and keeping a journal

Reading from handouts and other materials provided by the instructor

Doing vocabulary practice using multiple methods

(flashcards, word form sheets, etc.)

Working in a small groups or with a partner

The homework assignments. (Was there a good amount of homework, and was it useful?)

Studying for and taking quizzes and tests

Listening to the teacher lecture about a wide variety of social and academic topics

Focusing on vocabulary

* In general, this class has helped me improve my


About the Teacher

(To the teacher: List at least 5 items in this section.)

The teacher comes to class on time.

The teacher is prepared to teach every day.

The teacher explains the lessons clearly.

The teacher wants students to talk and ask questions.

The teacher listens to students and answers students’ questions.

The teacher helps all of the students learn.

The teacher makes the class a comfortable and friendly place to learn.

The teacher makes the class interesting.

Always Usually

Some- times Rarely Never

The teacher gives enough review.

About You

(To the teacher: List at least 5 items.)

My attendance is good.

I come to class on time.

I participate in class (listen, speak, ask

questions, work with a partner or in a small


I review the lessons outside of class.

I do the homework.

My English is better now than at the beginning of

the quarter.

My reading is better now.

About how many hours per week have you spent on homework?


Please answer the questions below.

Always Usually Sometimes

Rarely Nevr

a. What do you like about this class? b. What could the teacher change to improve this class? c. Any other comments, positive or negative:

Thank you for your help!