Write a 6-7 sentence paragraph (a little more is OK).... less than 6 sentences.

Write a 6-7 sentence paragraph (a little more is OK). No
less than 6 sentences.
Introduce yourself to me. Tell me about yourself, BUT
DON’T begin the paragraph with “My name is ….”!
Due on Monday, Sept 30, 2013
Once upon a time….
I was born….
I have been living in the USA for almost two years, but I was
born and grew up in …
I changed my life 100% seven months ago.
I am originally from ____ (country).
My daughter invited me to the U.S.
I have been in the USA since 2003.
I am here following a dream.
This is some things about me.
My life in Seattle (is) was difficult.
I am a sensitive and a kind person. I was born….
Once upon a time, but not long ago, I worked at a five star hotel
in my country.
I am an adult student with family.
I will share with you a little bit about me because life is a real
adventure that I could never finish telling you about.