IEP 022 Week 5 Jihye G. Jung - NSCC 2014 1

IEP 022
Week 5
Jihye G. Jung - NSCC 2014
Day 1 Agenda
1. Sign on the attendance shift
2. Turn in your double-entry journal chapter 6
& Ch. 2 vocabulary Log
3. Prepare the RW quiz
4. Sharing DEJs
5. Subjects and Verbs
6. Smack Down
Homework 
1. Read the textbook pg. 32 and complete the comprehension questions
on p. 32 – 35
2. Start your Chapter 7 DEJs (Due on Thursday)
3. Prepare your presentation for tomorrow.
-> Zoli & Abdullah (India)
Presentation: Introduce countries (foods,
people, cultures, places to visit, etc….)
India (10/21) Zoli & Abdullah
Calcutta (10/28) Sam & Tien
Hong Kong (10/28) Vinnie & Han
Japan (11/04) Malak & Duy
San Francisco (11/04) Turuu & Ahmed
England (11/18) Lidia & Jennifer
Round the word in 80 days
“The old man was not dead. He stood up and took the young
woman in his arms.”
-> This sentence reflects that Passepartout is very smart. He
disguise an old man and rescue the woman.
“The noise came through the trees.”
-> I think this sentence is good. People can feel the atmosphere
quickly when they are reading.
“The dead man was important. The young woman was his wife,
and hey will put her on the fire tomorrow with her dead
-> I think love is noble. Everyone needs to respect love, but the
culture in the book looks crazy.
“Phileas Fogg was a cold man. He didn’t talk much, and
nobody knew much about him. But everything in his life had to
be right.”
-> I like the man who didn’t talk much. When I lived in my county,
I also didn’t talk too much. But now, I am living in USA and must
learn how to be friendly and make a lot of friends who can help
my English.
Day 2 Agenda
Sign on the attendance sheet
Sight words
Presentation (Zoli & Abdullah)
Check the Purple paper answer
Check the comprehension questions & listening
Word Puzzle
Homework 
1.Do your RW DEJs for Ch. 7 (Due on Thursday)
2.Study your vocabulary for the unit text on
3.Find the reading texts you are interested in
and do the reading log for the extra credit
Day 3 Agenda
Starter: Yes / No questions
1. Sign on the attendance sheet
2. Reading practice p. 65 & 60.
3. Review chapter 2
* Homework 
1. RW DEJs Ch. 7 due tomorrow
2. Study vocabulary and reading skills
for the unit quiz
Understanding new vocabulary
Using be-verb (is / are)
Using parentheses ()
They sell products in many categories (groups of similar things).
Using a dash “ – “
People can search for – look for – a book on the Internet.
Finding the phrase -> such as
Example sells products in many categories, such as toys,
gourmet foods, and books. You can buy anything at a virtual
shopping mall such as
Understanding new vocabulary
Using adjective clauses -> which, who, that, whom,
whose, where when, and why.
Calcium, which makes bones strong, is in milk.
A dentist, who takes care of people’s teeth, has an
interesting profession.
Reading Group
A reader
A summarizer
A whiteboard writer
Find out thesis (main idea of the whole reading)
Find out the main idea of the paragraph
Find out what is conclusion (What the writer wants to
Reading Suggestions
News in Enlgish
Northwest news
Japanese Manga – Death Note