BCT 220 Professional Cabinetmaking Final Mastery Project Due 12/10/09

BCT 220 Professional Cabinetmaking
Final Mastery Project
Due 12/10/09
Cabinetmaking is more than just making cabinets. It begins with a collaboration of designer and
customer. Out of this collaboration must come trust and respect for both parties. Customers
often don’t know what they want or want what they cannot afford. Your job is to gently steer
them in the right direction without offending them or making their ideas sound trite.
Your customers must retain “ownership” of an idea even after you turn it upside down.
Changing and transforming customer’s ideas into affordable and aesthetically pleasing plans, of
which they still retain ownership, is a fine art and sets the tone for the rest of the job.
Listen to what they say. Find one or two elements that are most important to them. Maybe it’s
an arch top window, a particular wood species or a door style. Keep these elements in your
design. Thoughtful design will make your customer happy and make your job easier.
This final assignment, in which you will design a kitchen, is intended to give you insight into the
most important part of building cabinetry. The most important part because, if your cabinets
don’t fit or don’t create an efficient work environment, the quality of their construction won’t
matter. If you successfully design a functional, aesthetically pleasing and affordable kitchen the
rest will follow.
You have learned how cabinets are machined, assembled and installed. You’ve looked at the
materials and hardware used in modern cabinetry and how outsourcing can be a viable
alternative to building the cabinets yourself. You are now familiar with the 31 rules of kitchen
design. Your mastery of standard nomenclature, the language of the cabinet industry, allows
you to communicate your design ideas in an organized and abbreviated manner. Finally you
have learned how to sketch and dimension your design ideas.
Now, you will take all of this knowledge and produce a set of working drawings from which shop
drawing can be generated and subsequently, cabinets constructed. You will find this difficult
and frustrating at times but the final product and the skills you develop are valid and relevant to
your future in construction, whether you become a builder, remodeler or cabinetmaker.
Good Luck!
Attached is the outline of a room for a kitchen-remodeling project. Following the NKBA
guidelines, use the information below to draft a FLOOR PLAN and one ELEVATION. The floor
plan should include a set of specifications for cabinets and appliances. Price your cabinets by
complete a Euro American order sheet.
The basic architectural dimensions of the room are given. You may need to determine
additional dimensions as you complete the plan and locate equipment and other features.
Plan dimensions and information:
1. Assume 4 1/2 thick interior walls and 8 thick exterior walls.
2. “A” = 86and is bumped out 12
“B” = 14-10 with 36 30 double hung window
centered on wall.
“C” = 11-9 with a 30 opening into a hall.
“D” = 13-6 with a 5-0 arched opening to the dining room.
“E” = 15-3 with 3068 exterior door and a 44 40 double
hung window.
3. Along wall “A” locate a built-in laundry area with counter space, base and wall
cabinets, stacked washer and dryer and folding doors. Finish depth is 33.
4. Along walls “B” and “C”, run a continuous countertop (L- Shape) with base cabinets.
Center a double sink under the window with adjacent built-in dishwasher. Locate
refrigerator at end of counter on wall “C”.
5. Locate an island in the kitchen. Add a drop-in range with downdraft ventilation to
island. Include an eating bar to seat 3 people as part of the island.
6. Locate a 12 deep pantry storage wall along wall “D”.
7. Ceiling height is 8-0.
Your finished drawings should be prepared according to the NKBA standards and will be
evaluated on the following:
Handed in on time………………….
General neatness of project................
Use of proper drafting conventions....
Use of 31 guidelines of kitchen design……
Use of proper cabinet nomenclature………
Specifications of cabinets and appliances
Euro American order form
10 A
'- 10 "
20D'- 8"
B0 "