New Directions of Research Methodology Toward Sustainability bstract

New Directions of Research Methodology Toward Sustainability
Somdee Hongphisanvivat
Sustainability is becoming crucially for society and organizations. It urges management
to rethink the traditional orthodoxies and play greater attention to the emergent philosophy of
sustainability for firm success in the high turbulent economy. At the same time, the demand for
sustainable outcomes calls for more concern of building value linked to the rapid change in
environments as a major source of competitiveness and increased organizational performance.
Achieving such challenging perspective, new approaches of research methodology are essential
for making sound decision in creating a more sustainable business model.
This paper addresses
two critical issues: 1) what are key drivers to sustainability, and 2) which research methods are
The study will focus on new approaches of research methodology with respect to
value-based marketing and sustainability derived from the extant literatures and multiple
qualitative methods to obtain widen and deepen information from experiencing marketers in
various fields. Then the further framework, managerial implications and future research agenda
are recommended.
Key words: New Approaches of Research Methodology, Value Creation, Sustainability,
Business Success
Dr. Somdee Hongphisanvivat, Associate Professor, Marketing Department, Faculty of Commerce & Accountancy,
Thammasat University, Bangkok 10200, Thailand, email: and