Word Feel bad about yourself because psychology books defined you before... formed your first thought. Remember some emotions are so strong,...

Feel bad about yourself because psychology books defined you before you even
formed your first thought. Remember some emotions are so strong, they don’t
even have names. Don’t find the infantile comprehension you have of our your
emotions as a limit on expression; find a different way to describe. Remember
most people release that itchy ignorance in the form of love and hate. Look at
how kisses are so fueled with misunderstanding, the culprits’ fingers graze for
answers on each other’s bodies. Notice their fingers squandering. Don’t laugh at
them for having their eyes closed, rather admire their ignorant determination.
Remember these things when you find him and then forget them. Don’t let the
fear of becoming archetypical ruin these types of situations. Don’t fear archetype
when it has no harm. Remember no matter how hard you press down on his
tongue, it won’t squeeze out what you want to hear. Describe the way you’re so
lost in this life by rubbing the grooves in his hand. Release your endorphins in a
shit eating smile, the kind of smile that will only be spotted spontaneously
through life because most events aren’t stimulating enough. Don’t feel bad if
those expressions weren’t appreciated. Don’t feel worse if those expressions
were appreciated but only momentarily. You can choose to speak to people by
throwing words up your throat, spewing misinterpretations through skewed
vibrations into the ears of others but keep in mind true language is expressed
through action. Don’t speak. Act. Know love is a word and losing your mind over
him is what it is. Feel overwhelmed and privileged you make him forget language
in the shape of lingual malfunction. Think of stuttering as the ultimate form of
flattery since that person’s body was fighting societal roles of silence. Remember
the people that “love” you are the ones that can sit with you in silence when it’s
needed. Don’t feel bad you have to throw quotation marks around certain words
because the actual words don’t exist yet. Don’t try making up words for those
words; they are just shitty translations of feelings condensed and splashed into
pitiful scribbles. Quit trying to define things because no good comes from it. Think
about it: people have told you things without meaning them. Don’t let words
maneuver you off course. If you drift off too far and let words carry you, they’ll
dismember into driftwood and all that will remain is rogue waves of suppressed
emotion and one defenseless idiot. Don’t let words smother you. Remember
since words are contrived, the feelings correlated with them can be dismantled.
Think about how these words mean nothing.