Code of Conduct University of New England

Code of Conduct
University of New
UNE Code of Conduct
• Employment at the University
carries with it an obligation to act
in the public interest. All staff
members of the University are
accountable through the ViceChancellor to the University
Council and the NSW and Federal
• It is the responsibility of staff
members to be aware of the
requirements of the Code of
Conduct and to act consistently
with its requirements.
• The UNE Code of Conduct
provides an ethical framework for
the decisions, actions and
conduct of all UNE staff members
UNE Code of Conduct
• In the revised code there
are 5 general principles
• Code is intended to
provide a high level
overview to inform
activities and behaviours
• The Code is underpinned
by various and extensive
number of policies and
• The Code is a Rule of UNE
Principle 1- We treat others with respect, value
difference and opinions. We seek to maintain a safe
working environment
• Treat all with dignity and respect
• Never discriminate, harass, bully or treat any
person less favourably
• Decisions based on merit
• Promote a safe working environment and take
responsibility for own and others health and safety
Principle 2- In the performance of our duties, we will
act in the best interest of the University and value the
University’s reputation.
• Undertaking our duties with care – best interest of
University (not private interest)
• Accountable for decisions made
• Exercise authority within delegated limits
• Behaving in a way that takes account of community
and environment
• Never damage the University’s reputation while
representing the University
Principle 3- We act with honesty and integrity,
transparency and openness
• Not making improper gain to advantage yourself
or cause detriment to University
• Honest in all communications
• All dealings properly recorded and transparent
• Efficient use and management of resources and
ensure resources are not misappropriated
• Report dishonest behaviour (theft, fraud etc…)
• Identify and disclose conflicts of interest
• Behaving ethically
Principle 4- We respect privacy and maintain
• Keep information secure and not disclose personal
or confidential information with anyone unless
authorised to do so
Principle 5- We comply with the UNE Act, relevant
laws and their obligations, relevant enterprise
(collective) agreements and UNE policies and
• Complete all required training and maintain
awareness of laws, enterprise agreements,
policies, procedures and practices
• Seek guidance about interpretation from
appropriate UNE representative
• Report suspected breaches to the relevant
University representative