Stephen Ganz 10-5-12 Friction and Wear of Materials

Stephen Ganz
Friction and Wear of Materials
Project Proposal: Cavitation
This project will examine the effects of cavitation on mechanical components in the marine and
automobile industry. Cavitation is a phenomenon that occurs when bubbles form in a liquid then
violently collapse. This is usually a consequence of fluids moving at high velocity and/or subject to low
pressure. In the common case of a fast moving liquid, bubbles form when the local pressure becomes
low enough to allow small amounts of liquid to vaporize. When the bubble re-enters a region of high
pressure, the vapor then collapses violently with enough energy and force to erode metal. This is an
inherent problem for hydrofoils, propellers and pumps in working environments of in the marine and
automotive industry where liquid velocity is high and pressure head is low.