Chapter 5 Homework Questions

Chapter 5
Homework Questions
Answer the following questions on a scantron to be turned in for a grade.
True or False.
__ 1. One of the popular input devices on a computer is the keyboard.
__ 2. A user response is an instruction given to a computer program.
__ 3. A pointing device is an input device that allows you to control a pointer on the screen.
__ 4. The only function of a mouse is to move the cursor quickly on the screen.
__ 5. Speech recognition is the computer's capability of distinguishing spoken words.
__ 6. Touch screens are not considered appropriate for entering large amounts of data.
__ 7. OCR stands for Optical Card Reader.
__ 8. Digital cameras record photographs in the form of digital data that can be stored on a computer.
__ 9. Pen input devices are no longer being used as a form of input.
__10. The mouse pointer often takes the shape of a block arrow.
__11. To input high-quality sound into a personal computer, it must have a sound card.
__12. There has been a disability act passed that requires any company with 15 or more employees to
make a reasonable effort accommodate the needs of the physically challenged workers.
__13. OCR software does not have a very high success rate on scanned materials.
__14. MICR is used to primarily process turn-around documents.
__15. All keyboards attach to a computer using a serial port.
Multiple Choice.
__16. A _________ is a symbol that indicates where on the screen the next character entered will be
A. Insertion point
C. Tab
B. Control character
D. Caret
__17. Optical Mark Recognition is frequently used in which of the following applications?
A. Desktop Publishing input
C. Test scoring
B. Detecting hand writing
D. Banking transactions
__18. ________ serves as an electronic filing cabinet that provides access to exact reproductions of
the original documents.
A. Laser scanner
C. Page scanners
B. Image processing systems
D. OCR devices
__19. A _______ is used to input drawings, sketches, or other graphical data into the computer.
A. Touch screen
C. Joystick
B. Graphics tablet
D. Command
__20. Which of the following would be of concern if you were considering the ergonomics of a given
A. Keyboard style
C. Commands
B. User responses
D. Data
__21. The density of the dots, known as the ______, determines sharpness and clearness of the
resulting image.
A. Sensitivity
C. Imaging
B. Resolution
D. Recognition
__22. MICR is used almost exclusively by the ________ industry.
A. Retail
C. Banking
B. Postal
D. Educational
__23. The bar code used on grocery items is called ____________.
__24. _________ is a meeting between two or more geographically separated individuals who use a
network to transmit audio and video data.
A. Videocapturing
C. Televideo
B. Videoconferencing
D. Telecommuting
__25. Which of the following influence the type of input devices you may use?
A. The type of input desired
C. The type of hardware and software in use
B. The desired cost
D. All of the above