Introduction to Computers Welcome to the Introduction to Computers

Introduction to Computers
Welcome to the Introduction to Computers
Steps required to access the Distance Education Web site.
Go to
Click the Distance Education button
Click Courses & Delivery Methods
Click the Internet link
Click ITSC 1301 Introduction to Computers
Click the ACCESS COURSE button
You will now be in your course Web site
Read all the instructions very carefully
Surf the Web site to learn all you can about the course
When e-mailing homework, it is not necessary to have the questions attached. All I need
is your name, the chapter number, question numbers and answers.
1. T
2. F
3. T
4. etc
Once you have entered the class, click on the selections of your choice.
(Begin by going through the entire web site to get familiar with it. The semester has been
mapped out under Course Schedule and Assignments. Those two sites will let you know
when assignments and tests are due. This course can be completed as quickly as you feel
comfortable with. Due dates are firm and all assignments and tests must be completed by
the date given on the schedule, but if you prefer, you may complete the assignments and
tests early. If you plan on taking tests earlier than what is listed, please e-mail me several
days before you want to take the test so I can get it to the testing center.)
If you have any questions, please contact me.