Dr. Botts

Dr. Botts
A student called and had some questions about the online ITSE 1294 classes. She had
heard from someone at the Advising Center that the online class was harder, had more
homework, and required the student to purchase additional software not used by the
traditional class students.
I stressed to her that (as per our accrediting with SACS) that MY online ITSE 1294 was
IDENTICAL to my traditional ITSE 1294. Same assignments, same due date, same
method of submitting items and taking tests, same books. I stressed to her that the
Practical PC book the department uses includes software at no additional charge, but that
there was an additional on-line class fee; also, students would need access to a computer
with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, but they could use our labs if they did not
own a computer.
Thank you for your time
R. Craig Collins
Faculty, Temple College
2600 S. First St.
Watson Technical Center, #507
Temple, TX 76504-7435