2014-15 Faculty Learning Community Survey Monday, April 13, 2015 Powered by

2014-15 Faculty Learning
Community Survey
Monday, April 13, 2015
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Q1: FLCs support my commitment to teaching
Q2: I have more enthusiasm for teaching because of my participation in
the FLC.
Q3: FLCs support my aspiration to continuously improve my teaching.
Q4: FLCs demonstrate ETSU is commited to excellence in teaching.
Q5: I have learned about new teaching ideas or methods while
participating in the FLC.
Q6: I have adopted at least one idea or teaching method learned in the
Q7: I have discussed teaching with at least one other INtopFORM faculty
member outside of FLC meeting times.
Q8: I have discussed ideas learned in my FLC with at least one faculty
member who is not participating in INtopFORM.
Q9: I have learned more about assessment for INtopFORM learning
outcomes through my participation in the FLC.
Q10: What did you enjoy most about participating in your faculty learning
The idea sharing and conceptualization of INtopFORM.
Sharing ideas from other disciplines; got to know different approach to teaching
Problem solving with other faculty
Getting to know other colleagues outside of my department and college
I greatly enjoyed the sharing of ideas. It helps me realize how much there is to
learn and how wide the range of opportunities for innovative teaching ideas.
Hearing ideas from colleagues in other disciplines.
Meeting faculty from different disciplines and hearing about their programs. This
gave me a bigger picture of why this work is important. We’re all in this together,
facing similar challenges and the same goal: quality students.
Q10: What did you enjoy most about participating in your faculty learning
Community? (Continued)
The information from Amy is new and invigorating to the mundane teaching cycle.
Avoiding repetition and keeping the students interested. Learning from other
faculty creates a bigger picture.
Sharing ideas with other faculty
The group discussions
Getting to know faculty from across campus and see how they apply teaching
Ideas from non-CBAT personnel how they are utilizing INtopFORM
It is good to hear different idea from faculty with different outlooks. Dr. Johnson
did a wonderful job with the summer workshop.
Q10: What did you enjoy most about participating in your faculty learning
Community? (Continued)
Sharing ideas with one another and Amy leading discussions.
Hearing tips
I really enjoy deepening my own practice in teaching & facilitating learning
through the INtopFORM objectives. The grouping with others outside of my
program & department. Rich conversations.
I enjoy the new teaching ideas and strategies the most. I have also enjoyed
engaging with other community members.
These meetings are a wonderful opportunity to meet with faculty members from
other disciplines. It is great to hear their perspectives and their teaching methods.
Exchange of ideas and what instructors from other disciplines do in their classes.
Hearing how other faculty in other departments teach.
Q11: What features of the FLC would you like to change?
More structure with lesson plans each month
The learning is great. Challenges arise each month with regards to the meeting
time, but options and flexibility in meeting is great.
Meet later in day, maybe off-campus every once in awhile. Later meetings would
allow for more discussions due to not having anything else scheduled for the day.
That was an issue for me.
Good the way they are except perhaps more discussion & less “exercises” (but
some exercises were good)
Some of the speakers in August were not as energetic as others.
Hearing from more people. Some participants tend to dominate conversations.
Q11: What features of the FLC would you like to change? (Continued)
I would like to know more about the implementation plans of each discipline. But,
I know that would take a lot of time out of the meetings. They were great.
I would like FLC to have workshops designed toward best practice in teaching. This
might help to share and learn from faculties on campus who champion the art of
Reduce the time and activities in the introductory summer training.
Q12: Additional Comments:
This was a wonderful experience.
Good meetings to learn from each other.
We didn’t receive feedback on our assessment.
Very helpful – keep it up.
This has helped me energize my teaching and see students in a new light. They are
capable if we offer them the chance to show it.
I have learned an enormous amount from the FLC and INtopFORM process. I am
challenged to be a better, more informed teacher and expect more from my
students. Learning how to communicate and why has been incredible.
I would like to see a better pool for assessment.
Q12: Additional Comments (Continued):
Like “spitting in the wind.” With ETSU hiring more and more adjuncts, lecturers,
etc. teaching quality at ETSU is going down. A few faculty may improve teaching
due to FLC but the overall quality of teaching is decreasing.
Thank you. This has been very helpful and inspiring.
The INtopFORM materials, initial workshop, and meetings were all excellent.
Thank you so much for a great year. I will miss the FLC.
Amy does a wonderful job of keeping everything organized and keeping everyone
on task. Thank you. 
Thanks for Amy’s patience with me.