Market Failures and Thermodynamics

Market Failures and
Case Study: Conversion of Mangrove
Ecosystems to Shrimp Aquaculture
Values of Natural Capital:
Mangrove Ecosystems
•Structure, raw materials, stock-flow
•Building materials, charcoal, food
•Function, ecosystem services, fundservices
•Storm protection
•Habitat, nursery
•Waste absorption
•Climate stabilization
•Genetic information
Values of Conversion
Shrimp Aquaculture
•High short term profits, heavily promoted by economists
•Shrimp and fish for 3-5 years
•Carnivorous, net reduction in food production
•Less protein than intact ecosystem
•Massive waste output
•Irreversible(?) destruction of ecosystem
•Why convert?
Impact of Conversion
•On natural capital:
•Loss of Ecosystem services
•Loss of fish production
•On social capital?
•On human capital
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