Grading metrics

Grading metrics
Your grade in Conservation Biology will be based on four types of evaluation:
 6-7 lab assignments. Most of these are based on Excel worksheets that you will construct
during labs, and use to model genetic and demographic processes. Several involve
calculations that demonstrate your facility with population genetic concepts. You are
encouraged to work with others to understand the material and develop answers;
however, the work you hand in must be your own – you must write answers in your own
words, and assemble graphs and equations yourself. Grades will be based on factually or
mathematically correct answers and on understanding concepts. Lab assignments will be
handed in (paper copy) on Wednesday of the week after the lab; they must be typed.
 3 written assignments. These will be written collaboratively during lab sections, in
groups of three people (each group will hand in one assignment at the end of lab). A list
of questions will be handed out a few days prior to the lab period; during lab I will assign
2-3 questions from the list that require approximately half a page of writing each. Each
group will discuss how best to answer the question, then type the answer and submit it
via email by the end of the lab; answers will not be accepted after lab. Each student will
work with a different group for each of these assignments (during three lab sections
through the semester). Grading will be based on ability to reason, use of knowledge from
class, labs, and readings, and good writing (grammar, logical construction of a
 2 tests given in lab, approx. one hour long. These will be short-answer questions, largely
fact-based or concept-based.
 A final, take-home exam at the end of the semester – open-book, approximately one
week, approximately 2 pages maximum. The questions will require short essays in
response to broad questions about conservation biology practices, theory, strategies, and
A small proportion of your grade will reflect attendance, participation in labs and lecture
discussions, collaboration with other students, ability to follow instructions, etc.
Based on your preferred methods for evaluation of learning, decide how you would like each
assignment type to be weighted toward your final grade. The default weighting is:
lab assignments (6-7)
24 %
written assignments (3)
30 %
tests (2)
24 %
final take-home exam
20 %
On a 3x5 card, write your name and either write ‘default’ if you agree with the point assignment
above, or write the list of assignment categories (above) and how you would like the points to be
distributed among them. No category can be worth less than 10%, or more than 50%. You will
hand this card in during the second lecture (Jan 16).