BIOLOGY Biochemistry

LT #6a & b practice:
1. Sucrose is a _______________________ formed by joining a molecule of ___________________and a molecule of
How are starches and monosaccharides related?
Name the polysaccharide commonly formed by animals.
Name the polysaccharide in plants that serves the same function.
What is cellulose and how is it used in plants?
Fats, waxes and oils are all known as …?
2pts 7.
3pts 9.
How are plant lipids different than animal lipids?
Use the building blocks of lipids to draw a simple diagram of a triglyceride.
…a lipid?
Which elements make up a carbohydrate?
…a protein?
10. Proteins are composed of chains of many smaller molecules known as ….?
11. The chemical bond between two amino acids is called a ___________________ bond.
12. Two amino acids together form a __________________________.
13. Many amino acids together form a __________________________.
14. Sometimes, many polypeptides are required to make a complete ________________________.
15. There are ________# ?________ amino acids that can be found making up proteins?
2pts 16. Write out the full name and abbreviation for both nucleic acids.
2pts 17. List 2 similarities and 2 differences between them.
26. How do these parts fit together? What bonds with what?
(Use a small circle for P, a pentagon for S, rectangle for B)
2pts 18. What are the functions of DNA?
3pts 19. What are the functions of RNA?
27. How does the chemical structure of ribose differ from that
of deoxyribose?
20. What is the 3D shape of a DNA molecule?
21. Which nucleic acid is less complex in structure but more
versatile in function?
LT #6a List the four main types of macromolecules found in
cells and state their functions.
22. Which one probably evolved first.
23. Following the pairing rules for the bases, list the partners
for DNA.
24. What determines which nitrogen bases form pairs in DNA?
25. Describe the parts of a nucleotide.
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