Plant of the Apps

Plant of the Apps
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How many Apps are there?
What percentage of Smart Phone users views Apps as essential?
What year did Apps make their debut?
Which Smart Phone used the first App?
What is Texthog?
How does Yowza make money?
How many Apps are sent to Apple per day?
What are the sales of Apps per month?
What is a “Screen Tree”?
What is the purpose of “Card Snap”?
What percentage of Smart Phone users have purchased an App?
What is the highest selling type (category) of App?
How much does Apple earn from Apps?
What does the Bump App do?
What are the two ways to make money from Apps?
How old are the creators of the Math Master app?
How much will App Sales be in 2014?
What happened with the Texthog app?
What type of App could be created for MMHS? (Explain Why)