Chapter 26 1 Homework Assignment The Great Migration

Chapter 26 1st Homework Assignment
Read pages 855 to 863. Stop at “The Great Migration.”
Read “The Opium War” from my website. (Be sure to read the entire document before
doing the following:
1. Summarize the events of the Opium War in Outline format
2. Briefly explain The Treaty of Nanjing and what its effects were on the Chinese both
short term and long term.
3. Explain what the economic effects on China were.
4. Explain what the Social, Political and Ideological effects were.
5. Explain what opium does to people who use it.
6. Explain how the Chinese government responded
7. How did the opium trade contribute to the opening of Japan?
Note: Questions 2 through 7 are not done in outline format. Just answer the questions.
The answers to the questions may be found in either your class books or “The Opium
War” reading.
Next, outline Western rule of Egypt. Explain what the most crucial turning point was
which gave political control to Europe.