Four Square Writing Homework

Four Square Writing Homework
Dear Parents,
This week your child will start homework in writing. Your child will get
the Writing Packet on Monday. It will not be due until Friday. It is
important that you read the cover sheet and follow all the directions
carefully. Your child should not complete the writing homework without
parent help. The one-on-one guidance you will give your child will be a
wonderful way to help your child be a successful first grade writer. During
the year your child will learn to write clear and coherent sentences using
correct punctuation and capitals. We will work on stretching the sentences
with adjectives and details that tell when, where, and why. As we get
better at writing sentences we will work on writing narratives or stories and
also expository paragraphs. We will go step by step so that your child is
able to complete these writing lessons. Included in the homework packet
this week are the first grade writing rubrics that will help you see what is
expected of your child this year. Please keep these rubrics at home for
your reference. I appreciate your support in helping your child.
Thank you!