Course Guidelines and Procedures Mrs. Culp 10 Grade English 2

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Course Guidelines and Procedures
Mrs. Culp
10th Grade English 2
Ext.: 6501
Welcome to English 10!!
Purpose: The purpose of this course is to make you a stronger communicator. To achieve this we will work on
strengthening your reading, writing, and speaking skills by studying various authors and styles of writing. Through
this strengthening of skills you will further develop your critical thinking skills, which is an essential quality of all
productive members of society.
Theme and Essential Questions:
Identity: Perception of Self and the World Around Us
How do you see yourself? How do others perceive you? How do those things help define you as
well as your place in the world?
To what extent are we all witness of history and messengers to humanity?
Below you will find guidelines and procedures to follow in an effort to get the most out of this class. Read it all
carefully and have your parents read it and sign it so that they know what is expected of you in my class. Keep this
document at the front of your English notebook.
OBJECTIVES (Common Core Standards)
As a result of this course, you will be able to:
 Summarize and analyze key facts, main ideas and themes in a reading selection (Reading 9-10.1-.3);
 Analyze the craft and structure used literature and informational text (Reading 9-10.4-.6);
 Analyze and evaluate the ways in which irony, tone, and mood achieve specific rhetorical and aesthetic
purposes (Reading 9-10.7-10);
 Conduct library research (Writing 9-10.7-.10);
 Respond to prewriting stimuli, pre-write, plan, draft, revise, edit, evaluate, and publish , comparative, narrative,
and analytical essays (Writing Types and Purposes 9-10.1-.3 & Production 9-10.4-.6);
 Prepare and deliver oral and multimedia presentations tied into essay and research papers (Speaking and
Listening 9-10.1-.3; Presentation 9-10.4-.6);
 Maintain a supervised vocabulary and grammar development program (Language 9-10.1-.6)
Required Books and Class Readings:
Glencoe Literature: Course 5 anthology (selected readings)
Selected Short Stories, articles, films, and poems: Thank You Ma’m, Initiation, Getting a
Job, Two Kinds
Novels/Plays: Night by Elie Wiesel, Lord of the Flies by William Goldberg, Of Mice and
Men by John Steinbeck, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
*Readings are subject to change based on availability and overall progress.
Classroom Rules
RESPECT for school, classmates, teachers, and self is the ONE rule for which you are responsible.
Whoever breaks this rule faces the following consequences:
1. Warning
2. Student-Teacher conference during nutrition, lunch, or after school, whichever comes first
3. Parent phone call
4. Parent-Student-Teacher conference
5. Referral to Counselor/Assistant Principal
English 2 (10th)
 Along with the assigned reading you are also required to maintain a vocabulary ring
 You will need index cards and a loose-leaf ring
 Vocabulary quizzes will be consistently used to assess your growth.
GRADING Categories
 NB, HW, Reading Strategies
 Reading Comprehension
 Writing Strategies
 Paragraphs/Essays
 Listening/Speaking
 Test/Quizzes
Complete all work and submit it on time. Late work will not
be accepted unless previous arrangements have been made.
 The following is a general grading policy:
 One-day assignments, quizzes, homework
5-25 points
 Longer classroom assignments, tests
50-100 points
 Major projects, final exams
100-200 points
 Final: 10% of the class
 You are required to be in class on time daily. This
means that you will be in your seat ready to work
when the bell rings.
 Absentees must return with a verified re-admit in order
to receive make-up work.
 Make-up work will be distributed, before or after
school, break or lunch. You will have as many days as
you were absent to make-up the work.
o Daily class-work and homework is posted on
my website (Haiku), you can get your
work/instructions there, too.
* Make-up work arrangements can be made by calling your
counselor or me at Vista Murrieta.
Grading Scale:
(durable composition book)
 You are required to maintain a notebook.
It will be graded periodically.
 See Interactive Notebook handout for
specific guidelines of maintaining a
Being prepared to work is the first step to success. This is also the easiest part.
You will need to bring the following materials to class each day:
 Pen, pencil, markers, paper, flash drive, glue sticks
 120 page notebook
 Reading material
 Daily planner
 Assigned books/materials
 Vocabulary Ring
 Index Cards
Remember, English is a mandatory class for graduation and college acceptance. Maintain a “C” or better at
all times. If you are ever in need of extra help, please ask me. I will be glad to make arrangements with
you so that we may work one on one. The school is also developing voluntary and mandatory academic
tutorials for students whose grades are not progressing as they should. These will be held on Saturdays.
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English 2 (10th)