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Dear Family and Friends of Vista Murrieta Cheerleading Program,
This letter has been sent to you on behalf of _____________________________ and the
Vista Murrieta Cheer Team. We would like to ask you for a contribution to our program.
As you may or may not know Cheer is an expensive program. Each year the financial
Mick Wager
Assistant Principle
Matt Bean
Heather Just
Celeste Scallion
demand on our program grows. It costs us about $1,000 per member to get us through
the year. Some of our costs include uniforms, camp, coaches’ fees, equipment, and our
end of the year banquet. Without generous people, like you, we would not have a
Cheerleading program.
Dean of Students
Steve Rausa
Athletic Director
Coley Candaele
If helping the Cheerleading program is something you can do, please make out your
contribution check to VMHS Cheer.
Activities Director
Denise Peterson
Shonda Burrus
Karen Candaele
Claudia Gomez
Aurora Padilla
Eric Peterson
Marty Quisenberry
Diana Ruiz
Please return check to:
Vista Murrieta High School
C/O Courtney Hansen—Cheer Advisor
28251 Clinton Keith Rd.
Murrieta, CA. 92563
Thank you for your time and contribution.
Courtney Hansen
Cheer Advisor
Vista Murrieta High School
28251 Clinton Keith Road - Murrieta, California 92563
Telephone: 951-894-5750 Fax: 951-304-1832 Website: