CETL Session on General Education August 28, 2006

CETL Session on General Education
August 28, 2006
Approximately 30 people in attendance.
Questions/issues that were raised at the session:
How do we mesh general education requirements with accreditation issues (particularly
in terms of large-size programs like Engineering)?
Clarify an SLO—how is it different from a course goal? (More of an assessment issue.)
Work load issues re: Gen Ed SLO development, rubric development for assessment
Problems with transfers & SCSU not giving appropriate credit (test-out options?)
On-line courses needing to meet same SLOs
How do we explain the “change” in general education? (importance of considering it as a
program). Gen Ed as a program is a burden for the rest of the university.
Resources—don’t require students meet all goal areas (e.g., only meet 8 of 14).
Transfers—problem/challenge of integrating 3xx/4xx courses.
Need to have broad Gen Ed background for specialized degrees.
Make the new program intelligible to students. List of courses more intelligible to
students than goals/SLOs.