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Learning Enrichment Center
Part Time Staff Employment Faculty Recommendation
Applicant’s Name ____________________________________________ I.D. No. ____________________________
Position Applying for ______________________________________________________________________________
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Your cooperation will be appreciated in providing the information requested below.
Please evaluate the tutor candidate for each criterion shown below. If the characteristics do not apply, or if you do not
have sufficient information, please write in “N” for evaluation.
(A) Superior (B) Above Average
(C) Average
(D) Below Average
(E) Poor
(N) No Evaluation
___1. Dependability – trustworthy, punctual, reliable, responsible.
___2. Cooperation – works well with fellow students, faculty, and others; deeply conscious of responsibility to working
___3. Attitude – courteous, cheerful and positive.
___4. Initiative – performs assigned tasks without prompting.
___5. Leadership – influences and inspires others to do better work; possesses a willingness to help others.
___6. Personal Appearance – neat, clean, suitably dressed.
___7. Knowledge of Subject Matter – knowledge of subject at a level appropriate for tutoring.
___8. Skills and Abilities – has knowledge and abilities essential for work and good background in the field of work.
___9. Work Quality – work is accurate, thorough, uses materials and time economically.
Additional Comments: (Please use other side if necessary) ___________________________________________
Please return the recommendation form at your convenience to
Learning Enrichment Center located in Student Union 2.10. (956) 882-8208.
Thank you!