CUPE 1482 – Technologist 4 Revision Date: Classification:

CUPE 1482 – Technologist 4
Revision Date: 2014
Classification: Technologist 4
Unit: C.U.P.E. 1482
Hay Point Range: 481 - 561
This is the most senior level of Engineering Technologist. They are available for consultation
with all levels of staff. It is characterized by an advanced technical understanding,
multidisciplinary skills, and hands-on ability. Staff at this level have the leadership and technical
skills to administer large scale projects and programs.
The incumbents provide technical assistance, training and supervision for undergraduate design
projects, and the Teaching Assistants for some undergraduate courses. They may teach a variety
of techniques specific to their area and its specialized equipment to graduate students as part of
their course work, and to other researchers as required for their research programs.
Positions at this level actively participate in the independent research done by academics and are
frequently involved in advising and training graduate students.
Administration of operating expenditures and income streams for a lab or research facility,
within a prescribed budget, may also occur in this level.
Assists in the selection, training and supervision of personnel, some of whom operate
specialized equipment.
Acts as resource person within an area of responsibility to offer advice and guidance to
academics, graduate students, post doctoral fellows, research associates, visiting
scientists and technicians on a wide range of technical, practical and administrative
Acts as project leader including design, administration, project reviews and related
reports production.
Participates in independent research as time permits.
Initiate equipment and financial contributions from external sources
Contribute to professional association activities
Collaborate with external companies in design and research activities
May administer Departmental safety training protocols and facilitate adherence to
University and Provincial safety regulations with regards to laboratories or other
Department wide programs
Use Engineering principles to evaluate technical problems, conceptualize and design
solutions, use multi-discipline fabrication techniques to create or modify equipment to
achieve specific objectives.
Administers department research laboratories or workshops including consultation with
researchers. Develops and works within budget requirements for labs and research
Works cooperatively with academics, graduate students, post- doctoral fellows in their
Responsible for the selection, operation and maintenance of specialized equipment that
requires extensive theoretical and/or practical knowledge and troubleshooting skills.
Arrange required infrastructure, responsible for installation, commissioning and
verification of operation.
Instruct staff and students in use and operation, and data interpretation using manual and
automated means.
Purchase, maintain, and upgrade of computers, software and peripherals to allow
interfacing with instrumentation and data acquisition to specialized equipment for
Initiates the development, refinement and implementation of new policies and procedures
and the establishing and maintaining of quality control standards.
Conducts experiments, calculates results including computer calculations and programs
where applicable.
Lectures to students in classroom situations or laboratory tutorials. Provides direction
and training of teaching assistants to conduct lab or tutorial classes.
Prepares administrative and technical reports. Provides advice and guidance to
academics, graduate students, post- doctoral fellows and technical subordinates on
technical and practical matters.
Responsible for keeping abreast of developments in new engineering concepts,
techniques and education in general area of expertise.
Performs other related duties as assigned.
The minimum qualifications necessary for acceptable (satisfactory) job performance are:
Level of Formal Education and Experience
Engineering Technology Diploma from a recognized Community College or equivalent
with 10 years of related experience and eligibility for CTTAM certification
- or
An acceptable equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.
Skills and Abilities
Ability to design and fabricate apparatus using basic and specialized tools
Ability to prepare specifications, drawings, instructions and procedures
Ability to plan, organize and administer an entire a project
Ability to communicate effectively with staff and students
Ability to supervise.
Ability to work within budget allocation.
Physical Requirements
Capable of performing the duties as assigned.