(December 2010 – Version 10/01)

Letter Template (December 2010 – Version 10/01)
VI.10 Assistant Dean – (This is a LOO offered to an employee who does not currently
hold a ranked position in UMFA, UMDCSA or GFT and will be holding a part-time
Other Academic appointment as an Assistant Dean).
Reminder: Please pay attention to texts in red font - you will have to change the font colour to black as
appropriate, or delete the statement or paragraph if not applicable.
Dear (name)
Appointment (or) Re-appointment as Assistant Dean
Re: Position Number (number)
It is a pleasure to offer you an appointment (or) a re-appointment at the University of
Manitoba in the following position:
U of M Employee Type:
Compensation Group:
Appointment Start Date:
Appointment End Date:
Hours per week:
Assistant Dean<area (e.g. Research, if applicable>
Other Academic
< e.g. Fort Garry campus>
not to exceed the term of incumbent Dean
(Insert fixed hours per week) (Note: full time hour is 40 hours per week)
per annum (if 1 year or more) – paid in biweekly installments
total payable (if less than one year) – paid in biweekly
Your employment at the University will governed by the By-Laws, rules, regulations, policies,
procedures and practices of the University of Manitoba in effect from time to time.
Your appointment will terminate automatically without further notice at the end of the period
given above, unless it is terminated earlier by mutual agreement, or you or the University may
terminate it earlier by giving the other at least (specify number of months) months’ written notice.
It may also be terminated by the University without notice for cause. Reappointment is dependent
on your performance and the needs of the program.
(Insert for initial appointment only if greater than or equal to.50 FTE in this appointment and
duration is one year or longer): You are eligible for part-time benefits. The description of parttime insurance benefits is available at www.umanitoba.ca/admin/human_resources/staff_benefits.
Please contact the Staff Benefits Office as soon as possible to ensure that you will have
appropriate coverage.
(Insert for all appointments with exception of post-retirement appointments) As an employee
you are eligible to join the University Pension Plan at the date of hire or at any time thereafter.
(Note that if there is a delay in completing the Pension Plan enrollment forms, there will also be a
delay in membership in the Plan, and you will not be allowed to make up contributions missed
while not a member of the Plan.). You must join the Pension Plan on the January 1 immediately
following the two consecutive calendar years in which you earned at least 25% of the yearly
maximum pensionable earnings specified by the Canada Pension Plan.
Please note that we cannot process your appointment, including your payroll information, until
we receive the signed copy of this letter. If you accept this offer, please sign one copy of this
Letter of Offer and return to (insert address) by (specify date). Retain the other copy for your
On behalf of the University community, we hope you will accept our offer. (Insert the following
clause for new appointment)My colleagues and I extend our good wishes to you in your new
Dean (or) Director
I accept this offer of appointment dated (date of letter) on the terms and conditions specified in
this letter.