Letter Template (January 2015 – Version 2015/01)


Letter Template (January 2015 – Version 2015/01)

V.2 UMFA (DCS)-Probationary (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor)

Reminder: Please pay attention to texts in red font – you will have to delete as appropriate





( name )


Re: Position Number (



It is a pleasure to offer you an appointment to the University of Manitoba as follows:


U of M Employee Type:

Compensation group:


(delete as appropriate)

Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor





Appointment Start Date:


Bannatyne Campus

(add the following two statements only if the exact start date is in question because of potential

immigration delays or delete the following two statements if not applicable)

or as soon thereafter

Starting salary

Vacation entitlement:

Relocation expense cap:

as is practicable.

Please note that your employment start date and subsequent payment cannot be administered until the start date stipulated in your validated Work



per annum paid in semi-monthly installments

As provided in “Vacation Entitlement Policy for Academic Staff


(ONLY if appointee is receiving removal allowance-delete this row if not applicable )

Research Start-up Funds:

Max. untenured period end date:


June 30,

(if provided-delete this row if not applicable)

(Insert year)

(Subject to change in accordance with the Collective Agreement)

(Insert template for Head of Department position if offered at the same time – use Template Set


Duties and Responsibilities

Your employment at the University will be governed by the collective agreement between The

University of Manitoba and the University of Manitoba Faculty Association and the By-Laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures and practices of the University of Manitoba in effect from time to time. Information on the preceding is available at

http://www.umanitoba.ca/admin/human_resources/ .

Your attention is particularly drawn to the

Policy on Responsibilities of Academic Staff with Regard to Students, a copy of which is enclosed. A copy of the collective agreement is also attached.


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This appointment confers probationary status. Probationary appointments are described in Article

11 of the collective agreement and in the Board of Governors By-Laws. You will normally be considered for tenure before the date given above, which is the end of your maximum untenured period.

This appointment and its continuation are conditional upon your being registered and licensed as described in the Manitoba Dental Association Act.

Your initial duties (described in the attached job description and subject to alteration by the

University from time to time), will include undergraduate and graduate teaching, research, and service on any departmental, faculty and/or University committees to which you are appointed or elected, and community service.

(If appropriate, also insert

) Your appointment is full-time; for two half-days per week, you may engage in private practice as described in Article 12 (Outside

Professional Activities) of the collective agreement. Prior to engaging in the private practice privilege, you will be required to sign the Intramural or Extramural Practice Agreements, as applicable (copies enclosed).

You will be provided with funds for travel and expenses incurred while carrying out your academic duties.

(Add this if employee will be provided with research start-up funds):

Research Start-Up Funds

You will be provided with a research start-up fund for the amount given above, from which you may claim reimbursement for research-related expenses. You may claim reimbursement from this fund during the first three years of your appointment. Any unused funds will be returned to the original source of the funds.

(Add to this paragraph if appointment is in UMFA):

As indicated in Article 27 of the UM/UMFA Collective

Agreement, you will be provided with funds for travel and expenses incurred while carrying out your academic duties.

(Whenever you include this paragraph):

The use of these funds shall follow normal university procedures and financial controls. Any inventory items acquired using these funds shall be the property of the University.

Pension and Benefits

You are eligible for the Staff Benefits Plans at the University of Manitoba. The description of insurance and pension benefits is available at www.umanitoba.ca/admin/human_resources/staff_benefits .

Coverage for your mandatory benefits (basic life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, dental and long term disability) begins on date of hire. However, any optional coverage commences once you make application and are approved by the insurance carrier. With respect to optional coverage, certain amounts are available without medical evidence if your application is made within 31 days of your date of hire.

Also, your dependents will not be covered until enrolment forms are completed and returned to the Staff Benefits Office.


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Please contact the Staff Benefits Office, 204-474-7428, as soon as possible to ensure you receive your enrolment package or to obtain further information regarding your coverage.

(If appointment is NOT a post-retirement appointment)

As an employee you are eligible to join the University Pension Plan at the date of hire or at any time thereafter. (Note that if there is a delay in completing the Pension Plan enrolment forms, there will also be a delay in membership in the Plan, and you will not be allowed to make up contributions missed while not a member of the Plan). You must join the Pension Plan within 30 days following two consecutive years of employment in which your earnings exceed 35% of the yearly maximum pensionable earnings specified by the Canada Pension Plan.

(Add following if appointee has to relocate from outside Winnipeg only):

Relocation Expenses

( Note: amount normally should not exceed 70% of one month’s salary as provided in Moving

Allowance policy. Reimbursement exceeding this amount must be approved in advance by the

VP (Admin.)

) : The University will reimburse you for reasonable relocation expenses up to the amount given above, upon presentation of the original receipts.

Immigration Requirements

(Add the following if non Canadian)

Your employment by the University is subject to the acceptance of your entry into Canada. Your entry into Canada for purposes of employment requires a Work Permit from Citizenship and

Immigration Canada (CIC). In order to obtain acceptance, you must present the Labour Market

Opinion Confirmation (validated by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada for which an application has been submitted and if approved, will be forwarded to you under separate cover) to Immigration Section of the nearest Canadian Visa Office abroad to obtain a Work

Permit and if required, a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Additional information may be obtained through the CIC’s website .

New Faculty Orientation

Please note that a two-day New Faculty Orientation session will be held July 6th and 7th, 2016.

At this university orientation session, you will be provided with an overview of the University and key resources that you will need to know about as you prepare for your new position. The program includes presentations by individuals from the Centre for the Advancement in Teaching and Learning, the Office of Research Services, the Libraries, Information Services and

Technology, among others. The event culminates with a reception hosted by the President of the

University of Manitoba. Please save the date and plan to attend New Faculty Orientation.

Additional information about registration and the program will be forwarded to you in early June



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Please note that we cannot process your appointment, including your payroll information, until we receive the signed copy of this letter. If you accept this offer, please do the following by

(specify date) :

Sign one copy of the Letter of Offer and return to

(insert address)

. Retain the other copy for your files.

Complete and sign the Personal Information Form – Academic (obtainable from the web site below) and return to the above address along with your signed copy of the Letter of


http://umanitoba.ca/admin/human_resources/services/hris/media/Personal_Informa tion_Form_Academic.doc

Once we have received your acceptance, a recommendation that you be appointed on the terms and conditions stated in this letter will be forwarded to the President of the University. If the

President concurs, it will be forwarded to the Board of Governors for its consideration at the earliest opportunity.

The terms and conditions stated in this letter constitute the only obligations to be undertaken by the University in respect of this appointment upon its approval by the Board of Governors.

(Insert for all non-Canadians) Please note that this appointment is subject to your successfully obtaining and maintaining a valid and subsisting Work Permit, and any renewal thereof. It is understood and agreed that the issuance of the initial Work Permit and any renewals thereof cannot be guaranteed and the University of Manitoba makes no representations, warranties, or inducements to you in this regard. Please note that it is your responsibility to maintain your immigration status by initiating an application for Canadian Permanent Resident status as soon as possible after taking up your appointment by contacting either the Manitoba Provincial Nominee

Program or CIC directly.

On behalf of the University community, we hope you will accept our offer. We look forward to your arrival and your future contributions to the University community. I extend to you a very warm welcome.


( name )

Department Head

( name )



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I accept this offer of appointment dated

(date of letter)

on the terms and conditions specified in this letter. I understand that the terms and conditions of my employment as stated in this letter are the only obligations of the University of Manitoba to me with respect to this appointment, if the appointment is recommended by the President and approved by the Board of Governors.

Signature Date


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