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Letter Template (January 2015– Version 2015/01)
IV. 2 Post-Doctoral Fellow
Reminder: Please pay attention to texts in red font - you will have to change the font
colour to black as appropriate, or delete the statement or paragraph if not applicable.
Dear (name):
It is a pleasure to offer you a term appointment (or) re-appointment to the University of Manitoba
as follows:
Post-Doctoral Fellow
<e.g. Biological Sciences>
<e.g. Faculty of Science>
< e.g. Fort Garry campus>
Appointment Start Date:
Appointment End Date:
(Add the following two statements only if the exact start date is
in question because of potential immigration delays or delete the
following two statements if not applicable)
or as soon thereafter as is practicable.
Please note that your employment start date and
subsequent payment cannot be administered until the
start date stipulated in your validated Work Permit.
Percentage full time:
(End date cannot exceed 6 years from the date of the award of the Ph.D.
100 % (Note: Percentage for Post-Doctoral Fellows must be 100%).
Starting salary
Vacation entitlement:
19 days per full year of service, prorated for the length of the period of
service (if less than one year) and the percentage of full-time, as provided
in “Vacation Entitlement Policy for Academic Staff”
Per annum paid in semi-monthly installments (minimum
annual salary is $25,000.00). The effective date of any salary
increase will be April 1.
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Duties and Responsibilities
Your employment at the University will be governed by the By-Laws, rules, regulations, policies,
procedures and practices of the University of Manitoba in effect from time to time. Information
on the preceding is available at
(If Degree is pending, insert): This offer is conditional upon your providing a letter from the
Dean of Graduate Studies of your educational institution stating that you have completed all the
requirements for your PhD.
Your appointment will terminate automatically without further notice at the end of the period
given above, unless it is terminated earlier by mutual agreement, or you or the University may
terminate it earlier by giving the other at least (specify number of months) months’ written notice.
It may also be terminated by the University without notice for cause.
Your initial duties, which may be altered from time to time, will include (specify duties – NOTE:
The position must not consist of duties currently covered by bargaining units.)
Pension and Benefits
(Only insert for initial appointment for full-time 12 months or more): You are eligible for the
Staff Benefits programs at the University of Manitoba. The description of insurance and pension
benefits is available at Please contact
the Staff Benefits Office as soon as possible (if need to relocate, add) : < after your arrival > to
ensure that you will have appropriate coverage. Additional information is available at your
request from the Staff Benefits Office, 204-474-7428.
(Insert for initial appointment if other than full-time for 12 months or more, e.g., full-time for 9
months): You may be eligible for part-time benefits in the future. The description of part-time
insurance benefits is available at
You will be contacted by the Staff Benefits Office if you should become eligible for part-time
benefits in the future.
As an employee you are eligible to join the University Pension Plan at the date of hire or at any
time thereafter. (Note that if there is a delay in completing the Pension Plan enrollment forms,
there will also be a delay in membership in the Plan, and you will not be allowed to make up
contributions missed while not a member of the Plan.). You must join the Pension Plan on the
January 1 immediately following the two consecutive calendar years in which you earned at least
25% of the yearly maximum pensionable earnings specified by the Canada Pension Plan.
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Immigration Requirements
Your employment by the University is subject to the acceptance of your entry into Canada. Your
entry into Canada for purposes of employment requires a Work Permit from Citizenship and
Immigration Canada. Visit to
obtain a Work Permit and if required, a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Additional information
may be obtained through the CIC’s website at
Please note that we cannot process your appointment, including your payroll information, until
we receive the signed copy of this letter. If you accept this offer, please do the following by
(specify date):
Sign one copy of the Letter of Offer and return to (insert address). Retain the other copy
for your files.
(insert for new appointment) Complete and sign the enclosed Personal Information Form
and return to the above address along with your signed copy of the Letter of Offer.
The terms and conditions stated in this letter constitute the only obligations to be undertaken by
the University in respect of this appointment.
(Insert for all non-Canadians) Please note that this appointment is subject to your successfully
obtaining and maintaining a valid and subsisting Work Permit, and any renewal thereof. It is
understood and agreed that the issuance of the initial Work Permit and any renewals thereof
cannot be guaranteed and the University of Manitoba makes no representations, warranties, or
inducements to you in this regard.
On behalf of the University community, we hope you will accept our offer. (Insert for new hire)
We look forward to your arrival and your future contributions to the University community. I
extend to you a very warm welcome.
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Department Head
Dean (or) Director
I accept this offer of appointment dated (date of letter) on the terms and conditions specified in
this letter. I understand that the terms and conditions of my employment as stated in this letter
are the only obligations of the University of Manitoba to me with respect to this appointment.
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