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Letter Template (September 2010 – Version 10/01)
III. 9 Additional Academic Appointment for Full-Time Staff (Full Letter of Offer)
Reminder: Please pay attention to texts in red font - you will have to change the font
colour to black as appropriate, or delete the statement or paragraph if not applicable.
Dear (name):
It is a pleasure to offer you an additional appointment to the University of Manitoba as follows:
Position Title:
Appointment Start Date:
Appointment End date:
Hours per week:
< e.g. Fort Garry campus>
(insert fixed hours)
$ (insert annual salary) per annum paid in installments each pay period (if
appt is 12 months or greater)
$ (insert total amount payable) per session paid in installments each pay
period (if appt is for less than 12 months)
This appointment is made in accordance with the policy on Additional Academic Appointments
for Full-Time Academic & Support Staff.
Your employment at the University will be governed by the By-Laws, rules, regulations, policies,
procedures and practices of the University of Manitoba in effect from time to time. Information
on the preceding is available
Your appointment will terminate automatically without further notice at the end of the period
given above, unless it is terminated earlier by mutual agreement, or you or the University may
terminate it earlier by giving the other at least (specify number of months) months’ written notice.
It may also be terminated by the University without notice for cause. Reappointment is dependent
on your performance and the needs of the program.
Your initial duties, which may be altered from time to time, will include (insert specific duties).
Please note that we cannot process your appointment, including your payroll information, until
we receive the signed copy of this letter. If you accept this offer, please do the following by
(specify date):
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Sign one copy of the Letter of Offer and return to (insert address). Retain the other copy
for your files.
(insert for new appointment) Complete and sign the enclosed Personal Information Form
and return to the above address along with your signed copy of the Letter of Offer.
The terms and conditions stated in this letter constitute the only obligations to be undertaken by
the University in respect of this appointment.
On behalf of the University community, we hope you will accept our offer. We look forward to
your arrival and your future contributions to the University community. I extend to you a very
warm welcome.
Department Head
Dean (or) Director
This is to certify that the Dean of the Faculty of <insert Faculty name> in which you are a fulltime staff member approves of this additional appointment as specified in this letter dated <insert
Dean (or) Director (this is the approving signature for the Faculty where the employee is a fulltime staff member)
I accept this offer of an additional appointment dated (date of letter) on the terms and conditions
specified in this letter. I understand that the terms and conditions of my employment as stated in
this letter are the only obligations of the University of Manitoba to me with respect to this
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