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Subject: Taxes on citizens resident abroad
Dear Sir,
I would like to lend my voice to those who question the policy of
taxation of US citizens who do not reside in the US and hence do not
benefit from the use of tax dollars on federal infrastructure, services
or protection. To my knowledge we are the only country in the world
which has this policy. Great Britain certainly does not have such a
policy. We are not protected by the US military, FBI or Office for
Homeland Security and we are neither protected nor do we benefit from
US laws or US law enforcement. I am not required to pay social
security, so I am not using that service either. I use the US Embassy
once every ten years to get a new passport and that is it. Moreover, a
US passport has become a liability as almost the entire world hates us,
so I have started using my Italian passport instead for travel. I am
pressed to come up with any benefits whatsoever, received from the
federal government, and yet we are required to pay federal taxes for
the benefit of those living in the US. I think it would be fairer if we
followed the UK policy.
Wendy Mann, living/working abroad/married to an Italian for the last 25