Top Gear Questions Part 2

Top Gear Questions Part 2
27. What would the outcrop of trees, rocks, and bushes have been when the salt pan was originally a sea?
28. Why would traveling across the salt pans be dangerous? Describe the environment, the availability of food, &
the size of the area in your answer (3 sentences minimum).
29. The Kalahari is what type of geographic feature?
30. What is the name for the roofing of the hut seen as soon as the hosts enter the Kalahari?
31. Please be descriptive in a 4 sentence paragraph that paints a picture of the town the men receive the next
challenge at.
32. After giving the above description, answer this: what is the economic productivity of Botswana like? (2
33. River deltas, such as the Okavango river delta, are typically found at what point on a river?
The above questions are all worth two points apiece. This question is worth 34. Please describe in full detail (in 2
paragraphs MINIMUM) the economic, societal, and geographic circumstances of Botswana. A paragraph is a minimum
four sentences. You will be graded on the examples given from the video, evidence provided from data in your book,
and grammar. Remember, TWO PARAGRAPHS.