Self Writing Paper

Self Writing Paper
Write a paper discussing your positive attributes and skills. The paper should be at least 4 paragraphs
long. It should be in depth and detailed. Each paragraph must be at least 5 sentences. Include topic
sentences, body sentences, and a conclusion sentence for each paragraph.
Include the following:
1. Who are you? Discuss your family life and any interesting experiences you have had in your life. What
experiences have made you who you are?
2. Why you are taking this class. What made you interested in taking it? What do you hope to learn or
gain from this class?
3. Skills, strengths, or abilities that you think you possess. Go into some detail explaining these.
4. What are your thoughts about law enforcement? Are they positive or negative? Include any
experiences that might shape your opinions.
Law 2 only:
5. What are some ways that law enforcement might be able to improve? How could they improve their
perception in the community? What suggestions do you have? What would the “perfect” police force
look like?