Journals 5 to 10

Journals 5 to 10
5-What do you think of when you see the American flag? Texas flag?
6-What is your opinion as it relates to the student in Irving ISD who
brought a homemade clock that only counts down to school?
7-If someone is being investigated for a felony, treason, etc., should
they be able to run for political office? Provide your reasoning
8-Why in your opinion do celebrities get more press for doing
something stupid like overdosing yet we never hear about our soldiers
that get hurt and/or die in the service of our country?
9-Should student respect and obey directions from people of authority
such as a teacher, principle, or cop? Provide your reasoning
10-Who are your top 3 republican candidates for president? Provide 3
pro's and 3 con's for each