Denton Partner PE Syllabus

Partner PE
Leslye Richmond
Physical Education Teacher/Coach
[email protected]
Adapted Physical Educator
Denton Independent School
What is Partner Pe?
Partner PE is a success oriented physical education program featuring supervised peer tutors and individualized
learning and instruction. The purpose of the program is to encourage physical activity, increase knowledge of
health and fitness strategies, and assist the acquisition of individual lifetime recreation activities and/or skills
associated with Team Sports.
Benefits of Partner PE……..
For students with disabilities
 Improve physical and motor development and enhance the acquisition of individualized
recreational activities and skills in team sports
 Experience a wide range of individual recreational activities and team sports
 Interact with non-disabled peers, increase the circle of friends, and become more a part of the
total school environment
 Increase self confidence and develop positive attitudes towards PE and recreation
For Student Partners
 Interact with students with disabilities and develop empathy and respect for these students
 Develop leadership skills
 Learn more about possible careers involving individuals with disabilities
Grading will be based on the following criteria:
Participation (Daily Quizzes, Class Participation, Dressing out)
Quizzes/Semester Exams/Weekly Journal Assignments/Reflections
1) Participation-Daily participation grades will be taken on dressing out, attitude, positive interaction
with athletes, and willingness to lead warm-up activities on designated day.
2) Exams-Partners will be given exams testing their knowledge on topics discussed in class, including
disabilities, and sport adaptations. Preparation material will be provided.
3) Weekly Journal Reflections-Partners will be expected to write in a journal on a subject provided by
the instructor. Journal entries must be a minimum of a half page in length.
4) Disability Report- Partners will be able to choose a disability and will research information such as
definition, cause, characteristics, medical considerations, and teaching tips about the given disability.
We will get into further detail later in the year.
5) Student Teaching Assignment- Students will be responsible for teaching a lesson and turning in a
lesson plan.
Tentative Class Schedule
Roll and Dress Out
Students arrive and warm-up begins
Activity/Lesson Begins (Gym, Commons, Foyer, Track, Weight Room)
Cool Down & Clean Up
Class Discussion & Dress
Helpful Tips when working with your student
1) Keep your student active. Always be looking for some way to be moving or participating.
2) Keep instructions brief. The students may have a difficult time processing the information you give
them. Its okay to repeat anything needed as well.
3) Be specific when reinforcing/praising them for something they achieved. Don’t just say, “Good
Job.” Instead say, “Nice bringing your arm all the way back when you threw!” Or, “I like how you
aimed for the target!”
4) Be firm yet flexible and understanding of their needs. You are their peer tutor, you are teaching
5) Be patient. They will not learn a skill like you. It may take many times to accomplish.
6) Provide your student with confidence. Emphasize their ability, not their disability!!
7) Have fun and be involved!! Your student will LOVE working with you!!
Final Note
Being a PE Partner is a HUGE responsibility, and one that should not be taken lightly. Failure to follow the
above expectations will result in removal from the class and placement back into a regular physical education
I have read and understand the responsibilities on being a Partner. I also understand that if I do not and/or
unable to fulfill these responsibilities, I will not be allowed to participate as a Partner.
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