Ten Interview Rules

Ten Interview Rules
1. Look Sharp
 Select your outfit using the rules for
dressing for an interview. Remember, if
you feel good, others will respond to you
2. Be on Time
 NEVER arrive late for an interview! You
should arrive 10-15 minutes early.
Allow extra time – you don’t know how
traffic will flow or what unexpected events
may occur.
3. Do Your Research
 You should research the company before
the interview. You should be familiar with
the services it offers, products, customer
base and competition.
 The more you know about the company
and what it stands for, the better chance
you have of selling yourself.
4. Be Prepared
 Bring along extra copies of your resume, a
copy of your references and paper to take
 Prepare questions to ask the interviewer.
5. Show Enthusiasm
 Greet the interviewer with a firm
 Eye contact will demonstrate confidence
 Speak in a distinctly confident voice (even
if you don’t feel confident)
6. Listen
 Listening is one of the most neglected
interview skills.
 Make sure you are not only listening, but
reading between the lines.
7. Answer the Question Asked
 Make sure you understand the question
asked – if you are unsure ask for
8. Give Specific Examples
 Prepare stories before your interview.
 Give examples that highlight your success
and uniqueness
 Past experiences can indicate your future
9. Ask Questions
 Asking questions gives you the opportunity
to find out valuable information.
 Questions indicate your interest in the
company and position.
10. Follow Up
 A follow up letter is one more chance to
remind the interviewer of all of the
valuable traits that you could bring to the
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