C-E-C Claim-Evidence-Commentary

A statement that you are going to prove
Only 1 Sentence
Should be debatable
Should NOT start with the following:
Yes or No
“I think” or “I believe
How are you going to prove your claim?
This is your support for your claim.
This should be quotes from the article you have read.
Quotes are anything that is written word for word from the article.
This is your explanation!
What is the point you are trying to make?
This is the WHY or the SO WHAT?
Should include:
In your own words, how does the evidence support your claim?
Your own thoughts.
How can you make a connection?
Extra Information You May Need:
Your C-E-C is in paragraph format.
Typically written from 3rd person point of view
Right now, they should be about 5-8 sentences.
As a class, we will read the article, “Jen Welter Ready to Get Down to Work on NFL's
Cardinals Coaching Staff”
Here is a claim statement for the article:
Females (should or should not) be in contest for football coaching positions.
Find evidence to support this claim.
Create 2-3 sentences of commentary.
Philosophical Chair Rules
Listen carefully when others speak and seek to understand their arguments even if
you don’t agree.
The person with the ball is the only person that can speak.
You must first summarize the previous speaker’s comment before you can respond.
Ex: I understand _______________ that you think___________, but....
Be sure that when you speak, you address the ideas, not the person stating them.
Keep an open mind and move to the other side or the undecided section if you feel
that someone made a good argument or your opinion is swayed.