Chapter 10: Rotation

Chapter 10: Rotation
Rotational Variables
Radian Measure
Angular Displacement
Angular Velocity
Angular Acceleration
Constant Angular Acceleration
Equations of motion
for constant angular
Are angular quantities
Kinetic Energy of Rotation
(rotational inertia)
(kinetic energy)
System of Particles
Solid Body
Rotational Inertia
Parallel-Axis Theorem
Let h be the perpendicular
distance between the given
axis and a parallel axis
through the center of mass.
If Icom is the rotational inertia
of the body about the parallel
axis that extends through the
body’s center of mass, then
the rotational inertia I about
the given axis is
The ability of a force F to rotate a body
depends not only on its tangential
component Ft, but also on just how far
from the pivot point the force is applied.
Line of Action
Moment Arm
The unit of the
torque  is Nm!
Do no use J!
Law for Rotation
Radian measure
Work and Rotational Kinetic Energy
Work–kinetic energy theorem
Work, rotation about fixed axis
Power, rotation about
fixed axis
Work, constant torque
Sample Problems 10-8, 10-10, 10-11