Name:______________________________ Genetics: Genotype & Phenotype Date:_______________________________

Genetics: Genotype & Phenotype
Topic 3033
Mrs. Rathka
Fill in the blank with the correct term (1pt each):
1. ____________________________The physical appearance of a plant or animal
because of its genetic makeup.
2. ____________________________An animal that carries a gene with two
different alleles.
3. ____________________________A plant that carries a gene with two identical
4. ____________________________The genetic makeup of an individual.
5. You are studying pea plants and want to cross a tall plant with a dwarf plant. The
tall trait is dominant (T) and the dwarf trait is recessive (t). If the tall plant is
heterozygous, will the offspring be tall or short? Please show your work below.
6. Why mightn’t you look like your brothers and sisters even if you all have the
same parents? Use the back of this page if you need to. (2pts)