Animal Production Basics to Being Successful

Animal Production
Basics to Being Successful
What’s The Purpose?
• What are you producing your animals for?
– Example:
• Sheep
– Wool
– Meat
• Cattle
– Dairy
– Meat
Do You Have What It Takes?
• Facilities
– Are your facilities appropriate for the animals
you are producing.
– Is the environment
The Basics - Health
• What signs does a sick animal show?
• What types of diseases are your animals
susceptible to getting?
• What does your health program involve?
– What types of vaccines do you need to
The Basic’s - Nutrition
• Are your animals ruminant or nonruminant?
• What types of feeds do they need?
• Is clean, fresh water available?
• What are your goals for feeding?
– Growth?
– Maintenance?
The Basic’s - Reproduction
• When does the breeding season take place?
– When would you like the offspring to be born?
• How does the reproduction cycle work for
your species?
• What methods are you using to
• breed your animals?
– Artificial Insemination
– Pasture Breeding
Why are they so important?
Record Keeping
• What types of records should I keep?
Birth Record
Weight/Growth Record
Health Records
Vaccination Record
Breeding Record
Feed Record