Which is Which? Michigan Agriscience Education For Elementary Students

Michigan Agriscience Education
For Elementary Students
Grades 3-4
Which is Which?
There are four main kinds of farms in our country; dairy farms, farms that raise livestock
or poultry, fruit and vegetable farms, and farms where one or several grain crops are
grown. Not all farmers go through the same routine every day. See if you can match the
activities below with the right farmer illustrated at the top of the page. There may be as
many as four correct answers for some of the activities, and there may be just one. Place
the number(s) you think are correct in the space next to the activity.
_____ milks cows
_____ mends fences
_____ plants trees
_____ harvests wheat
_____ shears sheep
_____ feeds chickens
_____ bales hay
_____ plows ground
_____ operates feedlot
_____ takes steers to market
_____ controls insects
_____ invests money
_____ grows soybeans
_____ collects eggs
_____ worries about weather
_____ depends on rainfall
_____ uses refrigerated
transportation for his goods
_____ crates produce
_____ uses fertilizer
_____ irrigates land
_____ uses a combine
_____ installs sprinkling systems
_____ trucks products
_____ calls a veterinarian
_____ needs a silo
_____ digs up potatoes
_____ feeds hogs
_____ plants seeds
_____ has a barn
_____ fights weeds
_____ listens to market news
_____ uses tank trucks
_____ worries about frost
_____ takes risks every year
Which is Which?
Answer Key:
* Original can be found at Utah Ag in the Classroom, http://extension.usu.edu