Physical Prior Enrollment

Physical Prior Enrollment
Denton ISD Head Start Enrollment process is an all
encompassing and thorough process that ensures the student
has a need, has resources, has access to health services as well
as being healthy and ready to start school maintaining safety for
all Head Start students, staff, and the community.
This is done by the Nurse collaborating with the following ancillary services:
Principal/Director of Head Start
The Disability Specialist
ERSEA Certified Licensed Social Worker and the Family
Services Assistant
Nutrition Services
Mental Health Services
Transportation Services
Parent Involvement Representative
The Nurse also collaborates with and connects families with Community resources as the
needs arise. These may be acute needs or chronic needs. The Nurse’s scope of practice
allows him/her to be an all encompassing collaborator due to the profession’s framework
and versatility. Many times the nurse is the mediator for the parent and specialized services
in the medical community by identifying needs the parent may or may not have the
knowledge to identify.