Chapter 3 – AA Freshmen inane 1) Inane

Chapter 3 – AA Freshmen
1) Inane
 All my friends think my dad is completely inane because
he likes to talk like Daffy Duck and do the moon walk.
It’s really quite embarrassing.
 Children sometimes make inane comments about seeing
monsters in their closet.
a. silly
2) Incandescent
- adjective
4) Dyspeptic
- adjective
c. sensible
 The incandescent moon set the atmosphere for the
romantic night when we first met.
 Incandescent light bulbs are brighter than the old ones.
a. warm
3) Incarcerate
b. gloomy
b. glowing
c. dim
 The thief was incarcerated for two years after the judge
found her guilty of shoplifting.
 To be sent to your room when you’re a kid is like being
incarcerated as an adult.
a. to free
b. to vacation
c. to imprison
 The dyspeptic young man cast a gloom over the party the
minute he walked in.
 It’s no wonder pregnant women can be very dyspeptic;
they gain over 30 lbs, their feet swell, and they have to get
up 4 times per night to use the bathroom.
a. crazy
b. irritable
c. tired
5) Debase
 When President Clinton had “relations” with Monica
Lewinsky, he debased the stature of his office.
 Using confidential information, the irate ex-wife contrived
a way to debase the actor’s career
a. to humiliate b. to impeach c. to glorify
6) Loiter
 The teenagers loitered on the corner, waiting for
something to happen.
 In malls, some people tend to loiter rather than shop,
annoying the storeowner.
a. talk
b. stand around
c. sleep
7 )Perpetual
 Although objects may appear solid, the electrons that
make up matter are actually in perpetual motion.
 The perpetual lecture about my poor report card lasted
through dinner and continued the next morning at
a. motionless
8) Permeable
b. dry
c. penetrable
 The Claytons considered Rocky, a convicted felon, to be a
pernicious influence on their innocent daughter.
 Illegal drugs are pernicious to the body.
a. good
10) Subliminal
c. temporary
 Karen discovered that her raincoat was permeable when
her clothes were drenched while wearing it in a rainstorm.
 Bulletproof vests are supposed to be impermeable to
most bullets, protecting the wearer from harm.
a. wet
9) Pernicious
b. endless
b. harmless
c. very harmful
 Subliminal messages flash by so quickly on the TV
screen that viewers are not consciously aware that they
have seen them.
 On a subliminal level, Joyce knew that her husband was
cheating on her, but she didn’t believe it until she caught
him kissing her sister.
a. cautious
b. subconscious
c. silent
1. Wait, linger, or dawdle ______________________
2. Continuing forever _________________________
3. Highly injurious or destructive _____________________
4. Lacking significance or meaning; immature ___________________
5. Penetrable or porous _____________________________
6. Strikingly bright; radiant __________________________
7. Subconscious; concealed _______________________
8. Suffering from indigestion OR gloomy ____________________
9. To degrade or lower in status; dishonor _____________________
10. To subject to confinement; imprison _________________________
1. The student made an _____________ comment about flatulence that sent the class into a fit
of giggles for the next five minutes.
2. When a bottle has a skull and crossbones across it, beware! There could be a
___________________ chemical inside of it.
3. The sign read, “No __________(ing)”, but the group of girls stood around anyway, chatting
about their hair and cute boys.
4. Luckily for OJ Simpson, he had enough money to buy himself out of trouble. Do you think
the jury should have ___________________ him?
5. The soldiers built a fortress around their castle; however, the enemy found their way in
through some water vents. The fortress was ______________.
6. My attempt to send my boyfriend ______________ messages about asking me to marry
him backfired when he woke up while I was whispering the words in his ear.
7. The full moon cast an ________________ light across our path, making it easier to find our
way through the darkness.
8. For some odd reason, Katie was drawn to ____________ men, until one day, when she fell
in love with a clown from the traveling circus.
9. The unwed, pregnant Chinese girl was given the option of fleeing to America or
committing suicide. Her traditional family felt she had _____________ them by having a
wanton affair.
10. When Mike walked into his first period class late for the umpteenth time, his teacher
assigned him lunch detention for ______________ tardiness.
David was secretly in love with Brittney Spears. Because he had a tough-guy image to uphold
and did not wish to (1)____________ himself in front of his friends, he decided to swipe her CD.
Three of his buddies were (2)_________(ing) in the front of the store, making the security guard
suspicious. David admitted that stealing was an (3)____________ thing to do, especially under
the (4)_______________ lights of the store, but he really wanted to jam to “Oops! I Did it
Again” in the privacy of his bedroom. Unfortunately for him, the security guard spotted him
stealing the CD, and he was brought to the police station where he was (5)________________
until his parents came to get him. After what seemed like a (6)________________ amount of
time cooped up in the (7)___________ cell with a scary looking guy named Bubba, his parents
finally arrived. He could hear their verbal abuse from down the hall. It felt like the walls were
(8)______________ and sound could travel right through them. From the look on David’s
father’s face, he sensed that when he arrived home, he would be in a (9)___________ situation.
As soon as he and his parents stepped out of the police station, his father turned around and told
David that he wasn’t going to be able to sit for a week after he was through with him. The
message was definitely not (10) ___________; his fate was very clear.