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Mrs. Garrard
Love/Hate Poem
Diction, voice, and repetition all work together to make sure that the audience understands the
main idea of a poem. Organization allows the author to emphasize the different parts of the
overall main idea.
The Assignment:
1. After reading Julie Sheehan’s “Hate Poem,” write a three to five line stanza of a sappy love poem.
2. Now, write a second three to five line stanza that:
a. changes the idea from love to hate.
b. references the imagery from the first stanza.
3. Finally, write a concluding three to five line stanza that brings together the ideas from the
previous two stanzas by doing all of the following.
a. Referencing imagery.
b. Repeating select words and/or ideas.
c. Giving a final thought about the topic.
Write your rough draft below.
Poem must be 9-15 lines.
Poem must have three distinct stanzas: love stanza, hate stanza, conclusion stanza.
Poem must show conscious choice of words and images.
Poem must be in MLA format
o Heading (left justified, Name, Teacher’s Name, Sophomore English, Date) – double
o Title (left justified, no bold, no italics, no underline)
o Left justify poem
o Single space stanzas
o Double space between stanzas