After the War

After the War
Japanese American
2. Executive Order 9066
– Feb. 19, 1942: President Roosevelt signs this
– Allows military to go around the constitution and
place US citizens in internment camps
– This led to the evacuation and mass
incarceration of 120,000 Japanese Americans
Yalta Conference – Near the end of the war.
1. What to do with Germany when the war ends.
2. Eastern Europe, occupied by USSR, can hold
free elections after the war.
3. Soviets will enter the war against Japan 3
months after Germany is defeated.
Potsdam Conference – How to run the post
war world. Truman wanted to Soviets to live up
to their agreements. Conference was a failure.
Nuremburg Trials
After the war, Nazis were put on trial for
“crimes against humanity”.
 Nuremburg was a city where one of these
trials took place.
 Herman Gӧering – Head of German Air
Force. Killed himself before sentenced.
 Rudolf Hess – Hitler’s number two man.
Was given life in prison. He lived until
The Holocaust – This was Hitler’s Final
Solution. He tried to rid the world of
Jewish people.