Outcomes of the War Explain the causes of WWI and

Outcomes of the War
Explain the causes of WWI and
How it caused the war.
Outcomes of the War
14 Points – This is Wilson’s plan for
peace. With these points, war can be
avoided in the future.
Self determination is a main point. Let
the people pick who will rule them.
League of Nations – This will mediate
problems in the future.
Three of the Big Four hated these ideas.
Clemenseau, Orlando, George, & Wilson
Treaty of Versailles – Run by the Big Four
Germany takes responsibility for the war
and owes $269 billion gold marks
German army and navy are reduced in size.
Land was taken from Germany and Austria.
Map of Europe was redrawn with new “ethnic
All of this makes Germany very mad. They
will get their revenge in about 20 years.
Great Migration – African Americans leave
the South to find work in the north.
WWI needed plenty of supplies for the
The factories to make these supplies were
in the North.
With all the job opportunities, the
Southern blacks migrate to the North where
there are many more jobs for them.
They were treated just as bad in the North
as they were in the South.
The Fear of Foreigners
RED SCARE – Came about because of the rise of
Communism in Eastern Europe. Bolsheviks or
Communists were known as Reds.
Communist and Socialists political parties were all over
the country.
Palmer Raids – The U.S. Attorney decided to go after
the foreigners that were causing problems in the country.
He sent out U.S. Marshals to round up and deport these
radicals causing problems.
Strikes – Workers across the country listened to the
Socialist ideas. Strikes were called for to improve the
working conditions.
 Seattle – A general strike shut down the city. Nothing
was gained from the strike. Many businesses stayed
away from Seattle for fear of another shut down.
 Boston – Police went on strike for more pay and
better working conditions. Gov. Coolidge called in the
National Guard to end the strike.
 The steel and coal industries also had strikes at this
National Origins Act – 2% of a countries population is
allowed to immigrate into the U.S.
Sacco and Vanzetti This is the best example
of the Red Scare.
1. They were charged with robbery and murder.
2. Both were Italian and admitted anarchists.
3. Even with weak evidence in the trial, they were
convicted and executed.
4. Most agree they were convicted because of their
political beliefs.
Ku Klux Klan – Native White Protestant Supremacy
 In the 1920’s they expanded the base of hate.
On top of their dislike of African Americans they
now also hated Jews, Catholics, and Asians.
 The KKK also moved from the South to all parts of
the country during this era.
 Marcus Garvey – He had a unique way to deal with the
KKK. He wanted all African Americans to move back
to Africa. The movement never caught on.