What is Life?


What is Life?

Characteristics of Living Things


Organization of

Living Things-

-specialized structures that do a specific task

Organization of life

Subatomic particles

 atoms

 molec ules


 tissues

 org ans

 organ systems

 organism

 population

 community

 ecosystem

 biosphere

Living things are unicellular or multicellular

2. Energy

Living things use light and chemical energy

All living things get energy from the sun

3. Growth and Development

Growth- increase in size

Developmentchange in shape and form

4. Reproduction

Living things come from living things and make new cells

5. Response to a stimulus

Responding to the environment constitute the behavior of the organism

6. Adaptation

Makes an organism suited to its way of life

7. Evolve

Change over time that descend with modification.

Populations evolve not individuals

8. Homeostasis

Balancing your internal environment

Remain stable in temperature, moisture level, acidity, etc. by physiological and behavior

Characteristics of nonliving things

Snowflakes- have organization

Radio- electrical and sound energy

Clouds- change shape

Camera- copy images

Do Not Reproduce

Do Not Grow or Change Shape in predictable ways

Are Not made of Living Cells

Characteristics of a Candle

List as many characteristics of a candle as you can on your notes.