What is culture? Time concepts (p 52)

ASL I Final culture / grammar list 2012
*Introduction to American Sign Language (p 3)
Introduction to the Deaf Community (p 4)
Eyebrows neutral for declarative statements
Forming Questions: Yes/no & Wh-word (p 8)
4 Parameters / Phonemes
Dominant vs. Non-Dominant hand (p 10)
One-handed signs (p 10)
Two-handed signs (p 11)
Two-handed non-symmetrical signs (p 11)
*Spatial Agreement
Far away (tilt head, squint eyes, open mouth, trace
route: extend arm fully) p 19
Moderate distance (tilt head, purse lips, trace route;
extend arm moderately) p 19
Very near (tilt head, cs, trace route; keep hand closet
to body) p 19
Signer’s Perspective (p 19)
Spatial referencing (p 29)
Who is the first Deaf teacher in America? (p 32)
Laurent Clerc article
What is ASL article
*When to fingerspell? / Strategies (p 33)
Rules for fingerspelling notes
Deaf Peddling
Forming Negative Statements (p 40 – 41)
*Contrastive Structure (p 39)
*Personal & Possessive pronouns (p 125 & p 136)
*Two Views of Deafness (D/d)
*Sentence Types:
Declarative statement
Wh-word question
Y/N question
*Number Systems:
Cardinal numbers (p 78)
Ordinal numbers (p 78)
Age Numbers (p 125)
Numbers as nouns
Edward Minor Gallaudet (A Father, A Son,
A University)
*Ranking by age (p 125)
Deaf President Now
What is culture?
Time concepts (p 52)
General to Specific time sign order
“Noblest Gift” (p 58)
Keeping each other informed (p 59)
Getting Attention (p 70)
Negotiating a Signing Environment (p 71)
Conversation Strategies: Asking for Repetition (p 71)
Meeting Others (p 73)
Name Signs (p 74)
How Do Deaf People …? (p 75)
Sentence Types:
Rhetorical Questions
Giving Directions (p 78)
Common Reference Point
Cross-Cultural Communication (p 81)
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Identifying Others (p 90 – 91)
Number Systems:
Numbers in a Series AKA Special Information No.
Money Numbers (p 107)
Verb Types (p 108)
Numbers 67 – 98 (p 139) and 99 - 999,999
One-handed signing
Video Relay Service / IP Relay
The Ear
Cochlear Implants
Iconic / Arbitrary / Translucent
Bilingualism and Biculturalism
Individualist vs. Collectivist Cultures
Intercultural Communication Article
Love Is Never Silent – C.O.D.A.
Technology / Video Phones
Subtitles vs. Closed Captioning
Cultural Differences
Noun Verb pairs