American tudent overnment Association S

American Student
Government Association
By Xinyi Huang, Spring 2016
Who Said There’s No “I” in
Leadership Reloaded: Skills For
effective SG Members
Who Cares? Transforming
Apathy Into Action
Stroke The Fire: Seven Ways to
Maximize your Leadership
Who Said There’s No
“I” In Team?
By Vicky Owles
#1 Personality
Personality test
Extravert vs. Introvert
Sensing vs. Intuitive
Thinking vs. Feeling
Judging vs. Perceiving
Force yourself to be non-nature types
Apply to others in communication
Leadership Reloaded: Skills
For Effective SG Members
By Christopher Irving
#2 Listen
Listen to others:
SG leaders: listen to repeated topics
“We have more ability than MARVEL/DC heroes,
because we have the ability to hurt and heal by
How to get other’s attention?
Put them in valuable position
Saying your expectation ahead
/thanks them first
Who Cares? Transforming
Apathy Into Action
By Andrew Ortiz
#3 Get Involved
Students don’t come—because they don’t know:
inform your public. E.g. let them follow us on events.
Lack of participants: They need personal invitations
>different students group need different invitations.
Acting members are quitting: They’re burning out.
Train them and pass along some of their work
Attendances are terrible: students weren’t
surveyed about what they really want >> survey
the student/ work with school department. E.g.
get help from marketing classes to help you survey
Stroke The Fire: Seven Ways To
Maximize Your Leadership
By Andrew Ortiz
#4 Seven Attributes
Clarify your purpose-it’s not about you
Do your work and empower the organization
“Life is understood backwards but it must be lived
forward” –Søren Kierkegard
III. Communicator
IV. Connector
“When a person die, a library burns to the ground”
V. Builder
Relationships are built on trust and maintain on trust
as well.
VI. Knowledge
“A mind once expanded by new knowledge cannot
go back to its original dimension.”
VII. Sense of Humor
Take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself too
Personality test is more about
learning about yourself
Elaborate your expectation first
Maintain humor is a good
way to build communication.
1 New Initiative For ASCC
Survey the students
Get to know what
students want,
instead of what
government want
We used to ask during the AS meeting about the feedback after
the events. So AS members and students who were in the
meetings can give feedback.
Survey the students during the events, ask about their feedback
and suggestions on the events, and get to know their expectations
for future improvement.
What I Will Incorporate in
My Work with ASCC
From the Conference
Be aware the necessity of using different communicating
methods when talking to different people so as to make
the communication more effective.
For Your Listening